Friday, April 17, 2020 Weekly Forecast for April 20-26, 2020 Time to Look Outside the Box to Make Money!

Hi and Welcome to Weekly Forecast from April 20th through 26th 2020.

I'm Leanne, I pull the cards and upload the reading. Charlene is here to interpret the cards. 

We are reading from the Morgan - Greer Tarot. This deck is made in Italy. We haven't done a reading from a normal Tarot deck in a long time and we thought it would be really fun to do so.

The cards for this week are the Queen of Pentacles, the Ace of Pentacles, and the Three of Wands. Please look below this picture for all write ups on these cards.

This Week Forecast looks like more of a Work/Finance/Career type of reading just by the way the cards are laid out.

The Queen of Pentacles this is showing that you value your career and you want to be successful. But you also want the balance of being home also. With the current pandemic, you realize you can actually do both. You maybe still working from home at your current job, however; you are now seeing avenues outside the box that once this pandemic is over you may be able to continue to stay home and work for yourself. This "outside the box" thinking will lead to a happier life plus more prosperity down the road.

But what is great here, you have the Ace of Pentacles and the Three of wands. These two power cards make for a high entrepreneurial combination with opportunity to start up a new business venture with possibly bringing in overseas connections down the road. 

So, this week's mission, if you wish you accept it; is to do some online homework. Get all your ducks in a row and crunch some numbers. Yes, a lot of people are out of work at the moment and yes, and we realize we are in a pandemic. But for some of you out there, this is the perfect time to think outside the box. You’ve got this. Grab a notebook or piece of paper, open a computer or tablet and start typing in the google bar.  See what comes up for jobs that you can work from home or start up a home based business. If you work, get your regular work done, help the kids with their homework (if you have kids) and then take a few minutes at night for yourself and sit down and start looking into other avenues, you will be glad you did!

 Thanks for joining us. Please stay safe and don't forget to subscribe to our website! We are starting to send special offers for people who join. Great stuff coming! - Leanne

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