Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Lets talk the Full Moon May 7, 2020

Let’s Talk the Full Moon May 7th,2020!

The Scorpio full moon on Thursday, May 7, 2020, is the first positive moon phase for six weeks. Full moon May 2020 has a healing and compassionate influence. The May 2020 full moon will make people generally more sympathetic and understanding. It will make you more sensitive but also better able to understand your conflicting emotions. Importantly, it will then help you foresee a brighter future once the loss and suffering from the coronavirus begins to subside.

Home, family and intimate relationships will now become your focus for the following two weeks of this moon phase. Emotions reach their peak at a full moon. Use your increased intuition to overcome any relationship challenges. You will clearly see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony.

Understanding and communication of your feelings is a major theme of this moon phase. Inner conflict between your thoughts and your feelings may occur, resulting in confusion, or anxiety. This is a good full moon for spending quiet time in reflection or talking to a close friend about your inner feelings which you sense are holding you back.

The Full Moon heightens your emotions, imagination, and creativity. Increased intuition will help you understand your feelings. This reduces anxiety and makes misunderstanding less likely.  If disagreements do occur, be more compassionate and encourages compromise, cooperation, and forgiveness.

You may also during this time start to dream up or fantasize about an ideal partner but are just as likely to meet someone special now. Relationships formed during this moon phase would have a soul mate feel to them. 

Friends may come to you for comforting or a shoulder to cry on. Your caring, sympathetic side is enhanced so this is a good full moon to be of service to your loved ones and also the wider community.

Most people will be extremely sensitive to all energy from other people and the environment. But you can trust your gut feelings. This aspect gives accurate intuition and perceptive skills, and very often psychic abilities. You may receive spiritual information through dreams, meditation, your spirit guide or through chance encounters.  Take note of those feelings. Even write them down if necessary.
Your intuitive abilities will be an asset in all of your communications. Relationships will benefit from this compassionate influence. Your words become soothing and can actually be healing to others. Your hands can also be healing so this is a great full moon for romantic massages.
This is a good full moon for creative pursuits like literature, poetry, drama, singing, art, design, and fashion. It is also good for relaxation, movies, yoga, astrology, tarot, lucid dreaming, and meditation.
So, breathe, take things slow and realize the next 2 weeks will be ok.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us.
Namaste Everyone! - Leanne

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

CharmedAngel444.com Weekly Forecast for April 27th - May 3rd, 2020! The Focus is on Teachers this Week!

Hi and Welcome to CharmedAngel444.com Weekly Forecast for April 27 - May 3, 2020.

I'm Leanne here with Charlene to give you this week's reading from the Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

This week's reading is focusing on our Teachers! Normally our readings are 3 cards. However, this week the Angels wanted is to know more, so we included all cards that "jumped from the deck".

The cards this week are Courage, Remember Who You Are, Indigo and Crystal Children, you know What to Do, Brilliant Idea and Outdoors. So please look below for more information.

As the week begins, you may find yourself having to deal with ongoing issues with online learning. Some of the issues maybe out of your control, some may feel like they are put in the "hot seat" for no apparent reason.

The Courage card is saying to not let anyone step on your toes, stand up for yourself if you feel you have been wrongly accused of something. As we tell all of our clients, always have a "cover your ass" trail; whether it's on paper or time stamped email. This will always be your saving grace. Always "bcc" administration on any email if you have an issue. Being proactive is to your benefit ALWAYS.

With the Remember Who You Are Card; don't let anyone make you feel like you don't know what you’re doing.  You went through many years of professional learning/training to teach. You are the one with the degree. Take a minute and pat yourself on the back for all you do. You are the best teacher you can be. YOU ARE AMAZING!

The Indigo and Crystal Children card affirms that it was your life's purpose to teach. You want to see your students succeed.  You know what you teach them now will be what they take with them into the future. Now it's up to the students to do their work. You have laid the ground work, now let them show you what they've got. Even through this pandemic!

With the next card, You know what to do. If someone is up in your face this week, trust your inner knowledge, breathe then act. Use your wisdom from years of teaching before proceeding with the next steps to take. The best thing, "walk away from the computer" and rethink the situation. This is to your advantage.  Why? The next card explains. 

Brilliant Idea. Sometimes you can be pushed passed your comfort zone. But that's when you work at your best. It's time to think outside the box to deal with difficult situations and people. You will absolutely amaze yourself. Kudos to you!

Last but not least this weekend you have the Outdoors card. Even though we are "Self-contained" in most areas. Find a few minutes to step outside and put your feet in the grass or sand. It will help you relieve stress from this past week. Plus, it may also give you new and creative ideas for next week's lesson plans.

So that is it for this week. We want to take this time to THANK ALL the teachers out there who are kicking butt and doing their thing to keep the kids going. We love and appreciate you!

- Leanne & Charlene
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Friday, April 17, 2020

CharmedAngel444.com Weekly Forecast for April 20-26, 2020 Time to Look Outside the Box to Make Money!

Hi and Welcome to CharmedAngel444.com Weekly Forecast from April 20th through 26th 2020.

I'm Leanne, I pull the cards and upload the reading. Charlene is here to interpret the cards. 

We are reading from the Morgan - Greer Tarot. This deck is made in Italy. We haven't done a reading from a normal Tarot deck in a long time and we thought it would be really fun to do so.

The cards for this week are the Queen of Pentacles, the Ace of Pentacles, and the Three of Wands. Please look below this picture for all write ups on these cards.

This Week Forecast looks like more of a Work/Finance/Career type of reading just by the way the cards are laid out.

The Queen of Pentacles this is showing that you value your career and you want to be successful. But you also want the balance of being home also. With the current pandemic, you realize you can actually do both. You maybe still working from home at your current job, however; you are now seeing avenues outside the box that once this pandemic is over you may be able to continue to stay home and work for yourself. This "outside the box" thinking will lead to a happier life plus more prosperity down the road.

But what is great here, you have the Ace of Pentacles and the Three of wands. These two power cards make for a high entrepreneurial combination with opportunity to start up a new business venture with possibly bringing in overseas connections down the road. 

So, this week's mission, if you wish you accept it; is to do some online homework. Get all your ducks in a row and crunch some numbers. Yes, a lot of people are out of work at the moment and yes, and we realize we are in a pandemic. But for some of you out there, this is the perfect time to think outside the box. You’ve got this. Grab a notebook or piece of paper, open a computer or tablet and start typing in the google bar.  See what comes up for jobs that you can work from home or start up a home based business. If you work, get your regular work done, help the kids with their homework (if you have kids) and then take a few minutes at night for yourself and sit down and start looking into other avenues, you will be glad you did!

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Saturday, April 11, 2020

CharmedAngel444.com Weekly Forecast for April 12-19, 2020

Hello Everyone and Welcome to CharmedAngel444.com Weekly Forecast for 
April 12-19, 2020.

First of all, Happy Easter to all who celebrate. We are starting this reading a day earlier because the office will be closed Monday.

Today's cards are from the Archangel Power Tarot Card Deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

Our 4-card reading for this week consists of Queen of Ariel, Four of Ariel, The Wheel and a "jumper card" the Four of Gabriel. The Explanation of this weeks cards are below the picture!

Sunday and Monday’s card is the Queen of Ariel. What a perfect card for Easter and the day after. This card is showing you spending quality time with those you love. It may not necessarily be with EVERYONE you wanted to be with, however; the people around you are your main focus. Make it a great day, this is a day you are especially good at giving and being generous.

Going into Tuesday and Wednesday, you have the Four of Ariel. For all that you gave this weekend, you will receive something in return. So be open to the possibilities.

Thursday and into the weekend, you have the Major Arcana card The Wheel. This shows some exciting changes are coming.  Look at all opportunities for this fresh start. Unexpected events may point you in a direction that will bring more joy into your life.

The "jumper card" (is a card that falls out of the deck on its own while I shuffle) is the Four of Gabriel. This card is upcoming (within 1-2 months) showing an important event upcoming or a new job in the wings or a relationship going to the next level. It will be something major to celebrate and something to look forward too!!

So that is it for us for now! Thanks for joining us! Until next week, I'm Leanne with Charlene, Have a great week everyone.

If any of you have questions, need a reading or want a anxiety bracelet to get you through this times, please click here.

Love and Light!
Leanne and Charlene

Monday, April 6, 2020

Full Moon April 7th, 2020 - Watch People's Actions, Tensions and Staying Safe During this Week!

Hello to everyone! I'm Leanne and I'm here with Charlene to Discuss the
 Full Moon on April 7th, 2020. 

In this Full moon there is a aspect of Neptune that we wanted to discuss with you so you are fully aware.  This section is to make you aware to take care of yourselves.  Get enough sleep and stay indoors as much as possible. 

 Neptune is about health imbalances. At this time, its imperative that you avoid unnecessary reasons to be out, its a high time for illness. Be smart and listen to the CDC.

It is also a time where Mars squares Uranus and this can be cause of people to become extremely rebellious and aggressive. We are recommending that you use common sense if you have to go out and about. Avoid any confrontations or try to defuse them if someone starts in with you. If it's out of control to contact the proper authorities.

The next two weeks will also be hard on some of us that are non essential workers. With everyone being home, it can cause unnecessary pressures and extreme tensions that would not normally be there. For parents, it could be having to home school your kids. For the Teachers who are trying to get your kids online, be patient. They are experiencing as many issues are you are. This whole situation isn't easy and it is causing everyone to feel drained.  Find a way to release those feelings.  If you have a notebook, start journaling your feelings. Getting it out will bring to a point of understanding where everyone is coming from and trying to help defuse any potential issues. 

As for the coronavirus itself; the current "surge" they are predicting over the next two weeks is cause for concern for many people out there.  If you follow CDC rules and keep your hands clean, wear a mask out, or just get delivery instead of going out, you will lower the grid. 

As for people who make the criteria to be tested: There are going to be a lot of people who will be tested during this time. There is going to be a lot of miscommunication, delayed responses, misdiagnosis and more fear.  The best thing you can do is step back and realize the health field and government are doing the best they can.  Causing riots, going after people in the health field and fighting with others isn't the answer.  Don't do anything that can risk your own health and the health of others by being reckless or causing unnecessary issues.  Be smart, don't start. 

Most of all, remember; This is a time for protecting, nuturing and healing, of yourself and loved ones. Check in on relatives and family members as much as possible to make sure they are ok. 

If any of you have questions, need a reading or want a anxiety bracelet to get you through this times, please click here.

Love and Light!
Leanne and Charlene

Friday, April 3, 2020

CharmedAngel444 Weekly Forecast for April 6-12, 2020!

Hello my friends and Welcome to this week's forecast for April 6th through 12th 2020. I'm Leanne and I am from CharmedAngel444.com. I am here to shuffle and uplift the cards for this week, while Charlene interprets.

This week’s cards are from Healing with the Fairies Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue. The three cards this week are Be Honest with Yourself, Beauty, and Body Movement.

Below the picture will be the write up for each one of these cards.

As we start the beginning of the week; Monday and Tuesday you have the Be Honest with Yourself card. If you have been feeling depressed, stuck, tired, angry or irritable these are symptoms that you were feeling a little dishonest about something with yourself. 
This card is urging you to admit to your true feelings to yourself about whatever has been bothering you. 
Not dealing with them will only cause unnecessary issues with others that you don’t need.
The Fairies aren't asking you to make a radical change, however; they're asking you to take this week to look at yourself and what you can do to break yourself of these low energies.

On Wednesday and Thursday, you have the Beauty Card. The fairies are asking you to focus yourself on taking care of you. What can make you feel good? For some just taking a hot bath in some salts works wonders. For others they love massages, facials, pedicures and manicures but of course with us all being in quarantine that's a little harder to do. I know a lot of ladies out there have Mani/Pedi kits at home, so take full advantage of it. Make it a mommy and daughter time if you've got little girls because they can help you paint your toenails :-). But the latest thing I have seen is so many hairdressers putting together bags that you can purchase and have a do-it-yourself hair day. Take advantage of these offers. It's great for you and it's fabulous for your hairdresser, so they can continue to stay in business. Remember taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your family.

The final card that will cover the weekend is Body Movement. Even with us all being safe at home this card is letting us know that we really should take the time to exercise and move. It's just as easy as just going outside and taking a walk or going for a jog as long as you keep a distance from the next person. For those who are not big into exercising, maybe you like to dance; turn on your radio and dance to some music. The whole idea is taking care of your body; paying attention to what it needs. You don't want to be a couch potato during this pandemic.

So that's it for us!  Take care of YOU!  See you next week for our weekly forecast. 
 - Leanne & Charlene

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Weekly Forecast for July 13-19, 2020!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to  CharmedAngel444.com Weekly Forecast for July 13th through 19th, 2020. For those who are just joining us...