Friday, May 22, 2020 Weekly Forecast for May 24-31, 2020! Memorial Weekend/Week!

Hello everyone and Welcome to this Week's Forecast for
May 24th through 31st 2020. 
Wishing Everyone a Safe and Happy Memorial Weekend!

I'm Leanne from I am here with Charlene who is going to interpret the cards that I have chosen for this week. We are glad to be back after two weeks, and missed all of you.

This week's cards are from Doreen Virtue, Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards.

The cards this week our Laughter, Be Honest with Yourself, and Breaking Free. Please look below for the write-up in regards to these cards.

As we go through Memorial Weekend you can see we have the card of Laughter. This is saying to take a deep breath and not be too serious about life. Enjoy this weekend for what it is. Due to the stay-at-home order in most areas, sometimes it's best to just chill out at home with family. Possibly have a BBQ, binge a TV show or movies, Laugh, relax, or do something just fun and silly. Like they say laughter is the best medicine especially during these trying times.

As we get back into the work week Tuesday and Wednesday; you have the Be Honest with Yourself card.

Every person has their own unique story during this unprecedented quarantined time. For some of you who are out there who have been home during this full quarantine; you might find yourself feeling frustrated, stuck, and maybe a little irritable. Some are waiting to go back to work, some are waiting on financial assistance. Some are going back to work this week. But no matter your circumstances, you have been looking at your circumstances and are taking a hard look at what is and isn't working for you anymore.
This card is saying don't make any radical changes in your life and to avoid confrontations with another people around you. If you find that something is getting to you about a person or situation, analyze and look at yourself for a few minutes and think about how you are feeling before you engage any kind of situation. Are you frustrated with yourself or is there truly an issue with the other person? Having a confrontation at this time isn't going to serve any positive purpose, so think before you act. Things said at this time can't be taken back. Lastly, keep it off social media.

The last card that takes us into the weekend is Breaking Free. Should you decide that you need to have a confrontation with someone during the week, just realized that we are responsible for our own lives. Just keep in mind your decisions are going to affect other people along the way. Being we are at a point of unprecedented times, don't jump out of a situation unless it is truly what you want. If this has been a long time coming, try to make it as civil as possible; whether it's work or family related. Ask yourself this question: Is the grass going to be greener on the other side?

Should you have any questions for us, or would like a phone or zoom reading, please feel free to reach out to us at or write you questions in our Contact us section. 

Thanks for joining us for this week's forecast. For Charlene and myself have a great week - Leanne

Friday, May 1, 2020

May 4-10, 2020 Weekly Forecast! Full Moon and You!

Hello Friends and Welcome to Weekly Forecast for 
May 4th -10th, 2020.

I'm Leanne, and I am here with Charlene to help pick the cards and upload them while she interprets. 
Before we begin, Please be advised there will be no card reading for the week of May 11th. We will be back the following week - Leanne

This week's reading is coming from Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

The three cards for this week are Inner Power, Feeling Safe, and Peace of Mind.
Please see the descriptions below the picture.

As we start the week Monday and Tuesday you have Inner Power. What does this mean to you? It means, that you need to release your fears that you may have about feeling powerful. It's time to take excellent care of your physical and emotional self; work on your dreams and aspirations (good time to prepare your affirmations for Thursday), and take a little time for yourself to do what you enjoy doing. If you can't find time during the day, try some meditation before you go to bed. The more you work on yourself the better self-esteem you will have and the more comfortable you will be in your power.

Coming into the middle of the week Wednesday and Thursday, you have Feeling Safe. With all that has been going on during this pandemic you may be feeling frightened or insecure.  This is where you need to start speaking with your angels and ask them to protect you and all those who are around you. If you don't want to ask the Angels, it's a good time to look up in the sky on Thursday night at the full moon and ask the universe for protection for yourself and your family, and everyone else you can think of. Remember also, do not forget to write your intentions and put them in your window; and put crystals out for clearing.

Going into the weekend we have the Peace of Mind card. This card is saying take the steps that you need to create your own peace of mind. That means being honest with yourself, being helpful and kind to others, eating healthy foods, making sure you are sleeping well, avoiding negative people, limiting social Media (especially FAKE NEWS) and learning to say no when you need too.

Yes, all of this seems like a lot in one week. However; for you to have peace of mind, and to feel you need to take it slow and take care of you.

Should you have any questions for us, or would like a phone or zoom reading, please feel free to reach out to us at or write you questions in our Contact us section. Have a great week everyone. - Leanne & Charlene

Weekly Forecast for July 13-19, 2020!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to Weekly Forecast for July 13th through 19th, 2020. For those who are just joining us...