Saturday, March 28, 2020

Weekly Forecast for March 28th-April 5th, 2020!

Hi and Welcome to
Weekly Forecast for the
Week of March 28th through April 5th, 2020.

Hi, I'm Leanne and I'm here with Charlene, I will be picking and uplifting the cards for this week while Charlene will be doing the interpretation.

This week's cards are the Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. This week's shuffle is almost like last week's where there is normally a 3-card reading. This includes the past, present future. As you see, again we had a card that "fell out of the deck".
 We always incorporate it into the reading for more incite.

Here are the following cards for this week: Sunday/Monday is the Major Arcana Card the High Priestess, Tuesday- Thursday is the Two of Earth and Friday Through Sunday is the Eight of Fire. The upcoming card (future within the next 3 months is the Ten of Air).
Look below for information on each of these cards:

Let's talk the beginning of the week (Sunday & Monday) and High Priestess. Yes, we know most people are on lock down during the pandemic. However; ArchangelHaniel is telling us all to have patience with ourselves and people around us. If you find your situation too stressful, either take a few minutes to step away, and do a few minutes of breathing away from everyone or take a few minutes in the morning or before bed to do some meditation is extremely helpful.
 It will help balance you and bring back faith.
If you need a good meditation, we highly recommend the Honest Guys on YouTube.

Our present card for Tuesday- Thursday is the two of Earth, this card is showing that in our current status as a country; there is just way too much going on. Take a break from social media or tv if needed; you can make yourself crazy for all the miscommunication. Let the officials and doctors who know what’s happening make the “real” decisions to secure our countries future.

From Friday April 3rd – Sunday April 5th, the Eight of fire shows a rapid shift in activity. Some medical professionals will want to continue to keep our “safe at home” status for a longer period of time; while you will see others are only thinking about money and not the long-term effect this can have on our lives as a whole.  They "think they know and understand" but what this card is saying is that if they push the envelope it could cause chaos. Too many wands are being held during this time. Pray for our leaders and doctors to make the right decisions.

Our final card which fell from the deck is the upcoming future. By the way the card landed, our estimate for this card to come around is around the end of June beginning of July. This card is the Ten of Air. This is showing the end of a difficult situation. It's shows us as a world recovering from what has gone on; embracing change and expecting things to get better. This is time to let go of what has been and now look at life is what will be. The longing that we had for freedom will now start to open up and life will start to reopen. Yes, it will be a slow process for some, but we will be much better for it.

Thanks so much for joining us today.

 If you know anyone who needs to join our distance reiki prayer list, feel free to add them to our page or send them to We will be doing them every Wednesday night at 7 pm.

During Charlene's Extended Absence, I will be taking on Appointments! 
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