Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Angel Card Reading for January 13-19, 2020

Hi and Welcome to CharmedAngel444.com's weekly outlook for the week of 
January 13th - 19, 2020. 

This week we have three cards from the mermaids and dolphins deck by Doreen Virtue. This weeks cards are Simplify your Life, Stay Positive and Synchronicity.

The first card is Simplify Your life this represents Monday and Tuesday. Basically what this card is telling you that if you start to remove clutter from your home and 
work the things will slowly start to fall into place and you'll find a balance within your life. 
When there's balance you will get more of what you are looking for in all aspects of your life.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the cards are staying to Be More Optimistic. This is the time where dreams could come true so make sure you put it out there to the universe. 
Don't let go of what you truly want and don't quit because you feel it's too hard or you don't think you deserve something in your life at this time. 
For positive reinforcement consider making a vision board of what you want from the year ahead.

On Friday through the weekend you have the Synchronicity card. If you decided on making a vision board and are wondering when and how quickly things will happen you put on there, 
just make sure you look at it daily.
Feel like you already have it and watch things slowly start finding their way to you. 
Notice on your board or in your life how things will increase and flow when you ask the right questions and pray on them.

 Thanks for joining us today! - Charlene & Leanne!!! 

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