Monday, January 6, 2020

Love Oracle Reading for Week of January 6-12, 2020!

Hi and welcome to cards of the week for January 6th - Jan 12, 2020.  
This week's reading is from the Love Oracle Deck by Amira Celon
Disclaimer: These readings so not apply to everyone out there, so if you would like a personalized reading, please click here

This is going to be a very busy week for you all. Please take note that these cards can be reversed. Such as if you are a male, just look at this reading in reverse. Put yourself in the females place 😁

For those who read our weekly readings, you know we Usually we pull a 3 card on a spread. But being of the initial 3 cards were too general we needed more information; so we pulled extras to get more of the story. The three initial cards were Mature Man, Work, and Triangle. This lead us to want more information.  

On Monday and Tuesday; you have the the Mature Man, this could potentially be your boss. Just below that we received communication (that's you on the phone). Your boss is probably going to be reaching out to you for work very early Monday Morning, so keep your phone on.  Your work situation may change this week, be ready. But this still didn't seem like the whole story so we decided to continue to pull two other cards to see what happens. We received fair male and courting man. 

Now this changes the reading a bit. This now starts to make us realize this is more of a week of balance and communication.

So as we read the cards going down on the left side, Mature man and communication had now lead you to some of you waking up Monday morning answering your phone and packing your bags to leave Wednesday into Thursday. Seems the boss is putting his trust in you to take over a meeting due to someone who maybe sick or can't make a meeting. Relax you got this. Just breathe, pack and bag and get on the plane, the rest you can deal with as you go. 
However; let's back up a minute. Under the Mature man you also had the fair man and courting man with communication. So now the balancing act begins. Where do they come in??

You have been communicating with 2 men recently, now both are inquiring about a date. Both want to go out THIS weekend, what do you do? Who do you say yes too? You will communicate with both between Monday and Thursday. Now is the real challenge. Getting your work done while trying to make time for conversations with these men and deciding to who spend time with this weekend. Ask questions, get answers. Go with your gut. 

By Friday however; you see the triangle card. You need to make a choice. Go with your gut and by the answers your received with the questions you asked this week. But make sure it's not Friday night. You need a night off from traveling and time to rejuvenate. Make the date for Saturday night or Sunday. Yes, one will be disappointed, but you will make the right choice and the date will be fabulous. 

Just remember this week, communicate you can always find balance. - Leanne and Charlene

 Thanks for joining us today! - Charlene & Leanne!!! 

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