Monday, February 3, 2020

Card Reading for Week of February 3rd - 9th, 2020!

Hi and welcome to Weekly Card Reading for
February 3rd - 9th, 2020.

This week's cards are from Universal Love by Toni Carmine Salerno.
Please look below the picture for the weekly breakdown. - Leanne

Our first card is Enchantment which represents Monday and Tuesday. This card is telling you to slow down and smell the roses. What's your hurry? Take a minute to step outside and reconnect with nature. Take a walk in a park, go to a beach, put your feet in the sand. Better yet if you can’t do that, take a minute to contact someone you haven't spoken to in forever.  In spite of all the craziness going on around you, stop and take a minute to take a look around you, life can be amazing.

On Wednesday and Thursday, you have Universal Heart. Take a real good look at the face on this card. What do you see? What is that is reflecting back to you? After looking at it for a while you'll see that the human face disappears and all you see is Stars and galaxies. In these two days there is a space of creation and possibility of lies behind your thoughts. It's simply up to you to choose what you wish and make it a reality.

At end the week Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you have Blessings. The universe notices your recent act of kindness. Think about what happened on Monday and Tuesday. Did you contact someone? Did you do something nice for that person? The universe recognizes that and will now bring blessings back to you. Close your eyes now and be open to receiving. Enjoy your weekend and See you next week!

                                     Thanks for joining us today! - Charlene & Leanne!                                         

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