Friday, August 30, 2019

Week of 8/30 - 9/6/19 Weekly Forecast

Hey Everyone! Normally We Don't do this, However; with the Potential of Hurricane Dorian in our Path, we have decided to do a weekly forecast for 8/30-9/6 just in case we lose power! If we are back sooner, we will add additional cards! :)
Let's get started with the   Charmed Angel 444 Forecast!
As always, Charlene will be interpreting the cards. I, pulled, typed and Uplifted for you all. - Leanne
This week we have pulled a series of 3 cards.
Starting the weekend with Six of Gabriel,
Monday-Wednesday with Ephiphany
Thursday/Friday Ace of Ariel

Starting the weekend we have the Six of Gabriel, this is showing that for some of you out there you have an amazing week at work and its time to celebrate a job well done. You may even be recognized for your efforts.  Could it be in the form of a award, a raise or even a promotion?  It remains to be seen; but looking into Monday it starts to become more clear.
With the Epiphany card, this is showing that you will be asked to start to train someone else at work. You start to ask yourself why, well, it seems all your hard work is now starting to pay off. You yourself will also start training for a new position within your company. This shows growth and moving upwards, keep moving in the positive direction because by the end of the week, you have the Ace of Ariel.
You know that "being recognized" we were talking about in the beginning, its going to start to take effect quickly.  This can be in form of a change of location with a job, a monetary raise or promotion consider this your "Lucky Friday!"

 Thanks for joining us today! - Charlene & Leanne!!! 

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