Friday, June 19, 2020

Weekly Forecast for June 22-28, 2020! During retrograde, Don't be swept off your feet. Watch for signs!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to

Weekly Forecast for June 22nd through 28th 2020.

I'm Leanne here with Charlene to bring you this week's forecast.

For those who don't realize we are in Mercury Retrograde right now. Mercury Retrograde started on the 18th of June and ends July 12th, 2020 and we're in for a doozy. For more information on Mercury Retrograde, please see our video by clicking  here!

 Today we are going to be reading from the Archangel power Tarotcards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. Today's cards are the 10 of Michael, the Knight of Raphael and the Lovers card. Please look below the picture for the write-up for these cards.

 The Ten of Michael represents the most recent past. For those who have left a relationship, this card represents that a situation is finally ended and you finally feel free. You saw this relationship ending for a while and you're welcome in this new change. You're going to find new opportunities for happiness that will follow. Let go of what was been holding you back and have faith that what's coming is going to be good for you. But DON’T rush into any relationship. Take your time, and keep your eyes open especially if you meet somebody during this retrograde. You want to make sure this next relationship is what you truly want.

 The next card you have is the Knight of Raphael. This is the current/now. For those who are ready to start dating and are ready to meet someone new. This card is showing that you a new person will try to sweep you off your feet. On a normal this would be fine, but we are in Mercury Retrograde. This is the time to take the rose-colored glasses off and really pay attention to a new person who will enter your life. If you start a relationship during a time of a retrograde, things may NOT be what they seem. So really watch, listen, communicate, and pay attention to what these people say and do so you don't get caught up later and a situation that you're unhappy with.

 The final card is The Lovers, this is considered the upcoming card. This card is about making choices from the heart. This is when you decide whether this relationship is going to make it or not. When retrograde ends on the 18th of July you're going to start seeing things for what they truly are. After retrograde ends, things will become clearer to you and you will start rethinking and reassessing where things are. For some you're going to take those glasses off and realize what this person truly is, for others, you will continue and see where things land and give the relationship a chance. The biggest thing I recommend during a retrograde and a lover’s card is making sure you communicate, communicate and communicate. And then you'll get the answers that you truly need.

 Here’s a recommendation we give to all our clients:

If you meet somebody during a retrograde, keep your eyes open and the rose-colored glasses off. Make sure you watch what they say and do how they react around people. For example: Watch how this person treats their mother and waiters/waitresses.  If they treat them badly, it will eventually happen to you.

 If you have questions feel free to reach out to us at and hit us up under "contact us." - Leanne


Thanks for joining us this week. The offices will be closed Monday.  See you again on Tuesday! Enjoy your week!

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